Quality Assured Digital Trends for Continuous Improvement

Empower your business with next-gen applications, implemented using the best software methodologies and tools, tested using the right framework.

We at LOGIMONK believe in innovation and adopt a forward-thinking approach. Over time, such practices eliminate errors, reduce overall cycle time, and minimize bugs. We offer clients a customized and comprehensive set of manual and automated testing services. Our services adhere to the industry standards of quality assurance and processes. Our dedicated QA analysts, testers, and engineers enforce resourceful and high-quality QA procedures to impart reliable, trustworthy, scalable, speedy, and robust software solutions.

Digital and Quality Assurance. Combined.

We improve the performance, functionality, security, and scalability of your software solutions. We help you embark on the QA transformation journey in a global enterprise market. We implement digital assurance and digital testing.

Our experienced and skilled quality assurance professionals offer hands-on, end-to-end assistance on the path of QA testing. Irrespective of whether it is a desktop, mobile, or web-based software solution, our specialists offer a focused approach to help you get more from our testing efforts and improve the time to market, thus, positively impacting your ROI.

Our QA and Testing services

Core Testing: We provide end-to-end quality assurance and testing services. We can manage all complex data landscapes, help organizations gain predictability, increase their performance, reduce testing costs, and achieve higher ROI. We minimize the technical risks associated with the custom-designed quality assurance architecture, methodologies, frameworks, and accelerators. Core testing procedures include functional testing, compatibility testing, test automation, performance engineering, and security testing.

Digital Testing: Our digital testing covers digital ecosystem elements like social media, mobile, analytics, and cloud. We offer comprehensive testing solutions encompassing digital marketing, web portals, web analytics, web content for enterprises, and pre-built tools & framework. We provide omnichannel testing, multi-channel & IoT testing, deployment testing, hybrid cloud app testing, business process validation services, media testing, A/B testing, Digital asset testing.

Compatibility Testing: We help explore possibilities and opportunities associated with testing software solutions across browsers, databases, hardware, server infrastructure, resolution displays, and devices. We test software and application compatibility meticulously to ensure its speed, navigation, and discoverability.

Security Testing: Our security testing solutions discover the vulnerabilities in application running and enable counter-measures to tackle them. With our talented pool of test engineers, we can take up tasks like risk assessment and penetration testing to shield and strengthen software solutions from hackers, malicious threats, and security alerts.

Mobile App Testing: We ensure that your mobile apps are scalable, secure, and function on multi-platform compatible. We preserve the cornerstones of mobile application development. Our mobile app testing covers cross-platform, functional, and non-functional testing. We follow an automated process and a seamless approach for diverse mobile applications.

Performance Testing: Consumers today are looking for less load time, efficient responsive designs, and stable products. And, that is how we deliver performance testing services for diverse industrial clientele. Our vast experience in executing quality testing, software behaviour analysis, stress handling during maximum load, flawless and smart applications. We take care of the performance of your software solutions.

Usability Testing: We manage the multi-functionality of your software solution. We monitor its behaviour, conduct an in-depth analysis of its patterns, identify potential usability issues, and create a seamless product. We ensure maximum usage of your software solutions, delivering nothing but the best.

Flattering advantages of QA & Testing Services

We deliver enhanced quality: Our QA & Testing services automate repetitive testing and ensure error-less deliveries. We employ testing tasks that overcome the mundane solutions, is 100% consistent, and extend accurate results.

Cost-effective services: We don't just identify errors at the right time but perform all that while saving man-hours, reduce costs, fix problems faster, and perform automated testing procedures to deliver satisfactory results.

Faster Deliverables: Our testing environment accelerate software delivery cycles without compromising on the quality of the product. We offer extended coverage by our test automation solutions.

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