Complete Asset Protection. Round the Clock.

Adapt your business and manage risks associated with its operations along with a leader in IT security services.

We help you manage security risks to accelerate your business innovation and protect it at the same time. With our industry-leading security assessments and strategies, we also follow a zero-tolerance policy to all hacking and cybersecurity threats. We extend resources that respond to such threats, unify your organization against it, and drive innovation and business transformation.

Assess, Remove, and Manage the Security Risks

The threat to today's data landscape is dynamic and constant. The more we use disruptive technologies like mobile, social, cloud, and Big data, the more we place ourselves in the arms of security threats and alerts. These technologies continue to add complexity to your systems., neglecting the security needs of the IT infrastructure and information assets.

We challenge such security risks to enterprise data and its intellectual property. We put a security strategy into action that delivers effective enterprise security risk management and situational awareness services. We study these risks in-depth, monitoring, analysing, and reporting them for better actionable solutions.

At LOGIMONK, we employ our talented pool of security professionals to offer IT security solutions that address the core challenges faced. Our IT security services are all about improved agility, flexibility, and cost-effective solutions for next-generation business.

We govern the arcades of information security and compliance programs. Our comprehensive and holistic approach covers identity and access governance, data protection, risk & compliance, threat management & mitigation, and cybersecurity monitoring & management.

Our IT Security Services Solutions

We help businesses measure their security and safeguard business processes, technology, and people. Our IT security services shield your IT environments and protect them from any harm. Our team possesses the knowledge, proficiency, and expertise to power your organizations with the right and secure solutions.

Identity Access Management: With path-breaking advancements in technology, business productivity has grown manifold. But, it also exposes your organizational structure to innumerable threats. Our effective identity and access management procedures have you take advantage of technology, safeguarding assets from unwanted exposure, and achieve regulatory requirements. These include transformation services, productized services, and managed services.

Data protection and privacy: We protect your data from malicious insiders and hackers. Our skilled and experienced professionals conceptualize and deploy end-to-end solutions. Our roadmap offers several security engagement models, optimizing IT security solutions. Our services help you achieve protection against data breaches. We employ data protection audits, data threat analysis, risk assessments, data mapping classification, policy design & process definition, and feasibility assessment of the data.

Cyber and Infrastructure Security: Enforcing cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges for enterprises. We provide effective cybersecurity solutions that monitor business applications, solutions, networks, and databases. Our advanced IT security services ensure malware protection, data centre & perimeter protection, network risk assessment, security monitoring & management services, host & endpoint security, cloud & virtualization security, mobile security, and security device management.

Security Assurance: We ensure that your security solutions are trustworthy and reliable. Our security incorporates features, practices, procedures, and information systems that determine the compliance levels. We've serviced industry verticals with different technical security solutions. We help secure your applications, databases, network perimeters, infrastructure, mobility solutions, and virtualized cloud environments.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance: Organizations today depend too much on digitally enhanced infrastructure. We strike the right balance between data protection, privacy, growth, and progress. We transform your existing infrastructure with the perfect process, people, data, applications, and solutions.

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