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Turn your ideas into reality with scalable and cost-effective internet of things solutions.

We provide you with the industry's broadest services portfolio, catering to your every business need, empowering your business with infinite capabilities, and helping you earn an edge on the cloud.

From your comfortable home location to multi-national enterprises, the Internet of Things is prevalent and relevant everywhere. Connective devices, platforms, software, and other equipment are what the world desires. IoT makes our devices smarter and more compatible. However, the potential and capabilities of IoT don't seem to end just here. IoT presents businesses with opportunities for value creation and solves underlying challenges. It transforms business needs, acts as a competitive differentiator, delivering innovative IoT powered solutions.

IoT is present everywhere, right from integrating the right sensors and deriving actionable insights into choosing the right platform; IoT is empowering, thriving, and modernizing.

Accelerate transformation and operations with IoT solutions

The demarking line between physical and digital spheres is fast diminishing and blurring. Today's hyperactive and connected world talks about an era driven by powerful convergence ideas, leading to a rapid proliferation of technologies like the Internet of Things. Organizations comprehend their intelligence, smartness, operational assistance, increasingly tapping into the IoT solutions and their profit potential.

That said, today's market drives innovation, persistence, and disruption. IoT solutions not just revolutionize your business models to make it more productive, it enhances customer engagement and operational efficiency. It leverages modern technologies like Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to glean tangible insights, offering businesses intelligent IoT solutions and apps.

At LOGIMONK, we enable the smart quotient in your operations., reimagining your service ecosystems, mining real-time information, and mapping into your existing infrastructure. Our IoT solutions offer product hybridization to our clients, including digital analytics, pricing analytics, and product analytics.

Reinvigorate. Reenergize. Reinvent.

What makes us different than our competitors?

Ease of Development: We employ simple tools, simple templates, and codes to create impeccable solutions and apps. We integrate products with the right IoT places, placing your products at the forefront. We connect, monitor, and control the development process, catering to your needs. Irrespective of whether you want a fully-managed application platform or a flexible solution, our robust IoT services build apps fast and launch them faster in the market.

Data Security: We ensure the complete protection of your data from endpoints to the cloud. We follow a proactive development process for IoT security, keeping sync with all the regulatory and compliance certifications to maintain control of the IoT data, devices, and applications. We strengthen your IoT solutions and apps with top-notch security.

Empower Your Business with Future Innovation: IoT is not just demand but a necessity in the market. Practicing technologies that will drive the future consumer market is one way you can outpace the competition. We unlock opportunities and new possibilities with our enhanced data, AI, and analytics solutions.

Deploy Solutions on-the-edge: Our reliable services are speedy, convenient, high-valued, and advanced. We build devices that are easy to find, quick provisioning, and deploying them on the scale. Our AI modules run codes that add value to your business.

Our IoT offerings

IoT consulting: We provide meaningful insights to clients to help them take their first step in their IoT journey. We offer roadmap creation, business case preparation, user case definition, blueprinting, ROI mapping, and domain-based value stream mapping.

Integration and Implementation: We offer end-to-end solutions for business intelligence integration, leveraging products, and platforms through our domain expertise.

Analytics and Insights: We conduct applied analytics to generate actionable insights that are implemented into a business model to achieve process and productivity optimization.

Cybersecurity: We perform vulnerability assessment, zoning and separation of networks, audits, awareness sessions, incident response and recovery risk assessment, and risk-based compliance.

Niche Services: We offer specialized and expert services that run on multiple technologies, platforms, and products. We enhance and support your business with our out of the box and innovative services.

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