Smart, Collaborative, and Modern Development services

DevOps Services shorten the release cycle, improve agility, enhance readability, and help you stay ahead of the competition.

DevOps have become a prized approach for software developments. Today developers can use DevOps to build, test, deploy, monitor solutions that enable speed, quality, and control. Regardless of the type of software project, be it architecture, purpose, or platform., DevOps and its cloud-native mobile applications, application integration, modernization, and multi-cloud management help you reach the top.

Monitor speed and control using our DevOps services

Successful and modern DevOps solutions work to reduce manual steps, remove errors, increase agility, and scale to beyond the isolated boundaries. We offer solutions like release automation, application performance management, and service virtualization that help you accelerate business growth and drive innovation.

DevOps services focus on approaches that emphasize communication, integration, collaboration, and automation. We remove all threats and bottlenecks in software development process and ensure agile solutions to drive innovation and persistence.

We apply principles that detail the software lifecycle, thereby improving its culture and operations. We foster modernity and the latest technological solutions through our responsive feedback mechanism. Our DevOps services bridge the gap between software development, IT operations, and quality assurance services, thereby improving operational performance significantly.

Automate your DevOps pipeline with end-to-end solutions

Most organizations do not fully automate the DevOps pipeline. However, we at LOGIMONK integrate, link, synchronize all the information related to a particular domain to empower development. Not only this, but we also test your DevOps solutions before they become a bottleneck for your software delivery process. We adopt a holistic approach to automating your DevOps pipeline while integrating all the tools in your SDLC.

As a DevOps service provider, we include:

  • Quality Ci/CD pipelines
  • Deliver real-time products
  • Automate software deployment
  • Ensure efficient, reliable, and real-time monitoring
  • Code resilient systems
  • Leverage the best tools and technologies in the industry
  • Provide a skilled and excellent team to accomplish DevOps solutions
Our DevOps Offerings

We at LOGIMONK support the fast-paced development process and speed up the time-to-market strategy. We overcome challenges to allow software-driven innovation. Our comprehensive services ensure the continued existence of silos between the operations and development team. Our service offerings include:

Continuous Integration: Our services allow developers to merge their code changes to a repository. We execute automated build test runs to focus on highly agile, adaptive, and modern solutions. Our continuous integration services include both automation and cultural components. We resolve bugs faster and quicker than traditional methods., improving the overall quality of the software, permitting faster updates deployment.

Continuous Deployment: We help build faster development cycles that power continuous code production and deployment systems. With us, every code goes into production only if it has passed the pipeline. It allows us to carry forth multiple product deployments on the same day. Our continuous deployment services ready your software solution, putting it in a working state.

DevOps End to End Cases: We implement end-to-end testing of our coded system right from the start to the finish. We ensure that the information passes only between the components of the system. Our end to end solutions includes requirements validation, regression testing, environment configuration validation, and functionality validation.

Monitoring and Logging Services: We track and monitor the service level agreements and other key metrics to drive perfection in your modern development process. We follow a metric-based monitoring process, evaluate operational flaws, and sift through the logs. Our enterprise-grade DevOps services follow industry standards.

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