Mixed Reality Solutions to ace digital transformation

Unlock business potential with interactive and immersive solutions.

We assist you with 3D modelling tools and the latest robust AR platforms through our Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions. Our feature-rich and high-performance tools connect with customers engagingly and responsively.

Modern technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have created a three-dimensional world for our customers. These extended technologies are known for their immersive customer experience, becoming a gold standard for omnichannel branding and marketing. Since earning customer attention is still a long shot for brands- our remarkable expertise enhances contextual experiences and customer loyalty.

A perfect amalgamation between imagination and reality!

Augmented and Virtual Reality, which were mere science fiction in the past, have become mainstream technologies for multiple business applications today. Virtual reality creates impressive 3D artificial worlds for enriching user experiences. And, augmented reality erects real-world life-like experiences. As per statistics, AR and VR are rapidly growing in their market presence and adoption, generating more than $160 billion in market revenue by the end of 2021.

Customers today aren't just interested in incredible products, but how well these are represented. Such expectations drive user experiences, revolutionizing how customers perceive or interact with a brand. Such tectonic shifts bring interactive technologies augmented by AI into the light like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality.

Immersive. Imaginative. Interactive.

AR and VR have the potential to add $15 trillion to the global economy. With numbers that big, it becomes crystal clear that a customer's journey will remain influenced by a brand's ability to artificially and virtually design digital spaces, embarking positive customer notions and making them accessible via common channels like mobile.

We at LOGIMONK have years of expertise in designing and developing high-end Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality products. We've helped companies to amplify their solutions with our high-end virtual designs and solutions. Our AR and VR development services create surreal and immersive realities for your customers while taking an edge over the competition and set up your brand reputation in the market.

Our AR and VR solutions reek of creativity; the perfect virtual blends turned real. We help redefine the future by harnessing the power of AR and VR. We drive innovation and disruption in the market. We open several next-level opportunities for brands, thereby accelerating their digital growth into becoming one-of-a-kind.

At LOGIMONK, we help you explore the tangible benefits of emerging technologies. We create nothing but the best for your customer. Throughout the development process., we work to overcome challenges, define the problems, ideate solutions, code storyboards, and analyse the products. Our developers hold immense experience in coding AR and VR-based apps. We practice innovation, design thinking, and best practices to deliver minimum viable products quickly and cost-effectively.

Types of AR and VR services we offer

Content Development: We empower your AR and VR apps with content for interactive and distinct experiences. We deliver content development services for storyboarding, 360 videos and imagery, photogrammetry, 3D modelling, spatial audio, UI/UX design, and technical art.

3D Graphics and Animation: We are a skilled team providing 3D graphics and animation services for our AR and VR projects. We conduct extensive research to design such graphics at an affordable cost.

AR and VR Apps Development: We offer a fleet of mobile app development solutions that cater to your business needs and target audiences. Our cost-effective and productive AR and VR services meet the industry standards.

Visual Storyboard Development: We develop visual storyboards with perfection, element, and information. We deliver storyboards that satisfy your product needs.

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