Reduced Downtime. Maximized Potential.

Monitor and manage the optimal performance of your applications, thus extending their lifetime.

Businesses are consistently evolving, changing, and revolutionizing. Therefore, enterprises must adapt to these changes in the application environment while keeping the existing critical IT applications and infrastructure intact. We at LOGIMONK deliver tailor-made application maintenance and support services to reduce downtime and improve efficiency. Our services optimize cost and ensure high service levels.

Organizations today need applications that run smoothly and offer seamless interaction. Moreover, with the changing dynamics of the market, enterprises need to keep their applications up-to-date to gain an edge over the competition and enjoy unlimited business growth. Our innovative approaches for application maintenance and support suffice the need of the hour and help businesses reinvent their operations in the wake of a dynamic market.

Enhanced business productivity with our Application Maintenance Services

Application support and maintenance is a must-take step for organizations that want to grow in near future. Ensuring scalability and growth in their organizational arcades is one way modern enterprises keep up with this trendy market. And we understand how difficult it is to keep tabs on everything going around in the world.

We at LOGIMONK provide businesses with the right support, monitoring, and maintenance services. We offer a customized and comprehensive set of solutions that sync with the latest technologies, tools, and operating procedures.

Our customized solutions speak volumes about our expertise, experience, and excellence in offering application maintenance services across different languages, databases, enterprise apps, software systems, and platforms. We ensure that the applications are highly available, reliable, and stay relevant to the current business trends. We've extended our essential and advanced support for application management to diverse industry verticals and can do the same for you.

Our Offerings

Custom Application Support:: We provide customer support solutions tailored to your needs. Our services include application stability enhancements, application monitoring, bug & task tracking, constant maintenance, and documentation. We have been in the field for quite a long time to service multiple clients with various custom software solutions.

DevOps and Configuration Management Services: We possess expertise in designing and implementing for latest CI/CD environments. It reduces maintenance costs and enhances the productivity of your applications.

Deployment design and implementation: Our support services cover basic configurations to building an app environment from scratch. We reinforce aspects like security, environment design, server configuration, and optimization. We hold expertise in new and old technologies for server operating systems, domains, networking, load balancing, and configurations.

Monitoring and Reporting: We automate repetitive maintenance processes. We assess your requirements, minimize incident occurrences, provide regular status updates, and monitor environment status.

Change Management: We offer change control as a part of our application support and maintenance services. Change management reduces the risk during production implementation and ensures business productivity. We also document all changes and review all previous applications to get a better picture.

Application Migration and Integration: We help organizations tweak IT environments to maximize productivity and elevate performance. Our best in class solutions ensure seamless integration of business applications, infrastructure, data, and systems.

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