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If you are willing to learn how to advertise your rental property in the best way possible, Room Caddy is the short answer! It helps people in renting out as well as finding flats, homes, PG/Hostel, Offices, and Retail spaces across India.

When it comes to finding a rental accommodation, what is outside the front door is just as important as what is behind it. You have probably heard it many times that smart people rent a home instead of buying one. Finding a good rental accommodation is not at all easy. It can be quite stressful! If you are a property owner and you want to rent out your property, how would you get the potential tenants? Will you place a "To Let" sign outside your home and wait for the calls? Believe me, it has become an old trend to rent out your property. Even newspaper classified ads are dead. People are now more active to search for rental properties online instead of visiting properties door-to-door.

Whether you are a property owner or a tenant, all you need is an online property search platform like Room Caddy. It is a simple and transparent rental website connecting property owners with their future tenants. This online platform was started with a primary objective to provide better rental solutions to everyone without any brokerage, i.e. completely free to use. Most of us feel that it is totally unfair to pay heavy brokerage to real estate agents.

At Room Caddy, you get an end-to-end solution for modern-day renters and landlords. If you are a tenant, it will reduce the efforts to search for rental accommodation by visiting door-to-door. Here, property owners can advertise their properties for free of cost, and tenants can find the best accommodation by comparing thousands of options online. Additionally, there are Rating and Review options available for both tenants and property owners.

Room Caddy is becoming one of the most trusted online platforms to search for rental properties across all major cities in India. It has a very simple and user-friendly website. You can search for exactly what you want by simply applying appropriate filters. This online platform provides location based search for almost all types of rental spaces, such as Rooms, PGs, Office space, etc. Property owners have to post their property details along with the original images in order to make them visible to many needy tenants.

Room Caddy is sincerely committed to helping needy tenants discover a beautiful place where they can live and feel more connected to the community. Being a tenant, you can set the different filters like room type, furnishing type, parking type, and rent, to get the best instant results. Also, you get to see high resolution original images of the rental property which have been uploaded by the property owners.

In order to view the contact information and other details of the rental property, you need to register with Room Caddy. Or, if you are already registered with it, you can simply login to your Room Caddy's account. Whenever you are searching for a rental space, the certified ratings and reviews from the actual residents will help you make an informed decision. There are countless visitors visit Room Caddy on a daily basis to find flats, homes, PG/Hostel, Offices, and Retail spaces across India for rent. If you want to increase your rental responses and receive the accurate reporting and tracking of proven results, visit Room Caddy today!

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